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Tentative Agenda

What does the future hold for major transportation projects in Minnesota?   MnDOT Road and Bridge Construction Funding Chart

Join us on Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 to learn about the highway projects, bridge replacements and major transitway work that is currently underway and projects that are planned in the next few years. You to need to know the level of work programmed and the major projects that will be let in 2015 and 2016.

You will also get the latest information on state and federal transportation funding. 2015 will be a critical year for transportation funding decisions! The MAP-21 extension will expire in May of 2015 and the 2015 legislative session in Minnesota will focus on transportation funding needs. Learn more about the funding options and get our post-election political analysis. 

Join your colleagues from around the state as we prepare for the 2015 Session.


Move MN Campaign  

Minnesota's Transportation Conference - Save the Date!  


The Minnesota Transportation Conference is coming up in March 2015!

In its first year (2014), the conference drew over 1,400 attendees and featured over 45 sessions on multimodal topics. Join us at this year's conference in Bloomington, Minnesota for the kick-off reception on March 3rd, followed by full day sessions on March 4th and 5th!

Check out the link above for more information.

Minnesota Transportation Alliance Video  

Progress in Motion Video - Planning Ahead  

Why is the transportation system so critical for our economy?  What does the future hold for our highways, bridges and transit-ways? 

Watch this brief video and hear from business leaders, experts and average people about the critical nature of Minnesota’s transportation system and why everyone needs to be concerned about the future of our economy and quality of life if we don’t make the investments needed to improve safety and mobility for everyone. You can make a difference. Watch this video and find out how:

Planning Ahead - This video was produced with the support and funding of Progress In Motion

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Maps of Challenges  

Please click below to view both a Metro Area and Statewide map of what the future of transportation in Minnesota looks like. These were released on Thursday, January 24, 2013 as part of a Progress In Motion press conference.

Metro Area Transportation Map

Minnesota Transportation Map

Job Creation and Transportation Infrastructure  

A press conference highlighting the connections between investment in transportation infrastructure and job creation was held Monday, October 24. This conference was held in anticipation of Governor Dayton's 2011 Job Summit that will be discussing Minnesota's economic growth and job creation strategies. Monday's press conference focused on the ability of transportation projects to get people working on the transportation system businesses need to move people and products, featuring the Minnesota Transportation Alliance's Roadmap to 2040.

Below are some articles detailing the press conference:

"It’s jobs, jobs, jobs at the Capitol," The Daily Globe